Budget & Finance Tools

These tools can help you calculate the projected cost of living in a particular area, determine your monthly mortgage payments and track interest rates. You may be surprised to see how much further your dollars go in a Centex home.

Cost of

Compare the cost of living in various locations.


Discover your buying power and calculate monthly payments.


Take advantage of the lowest current interest rates.


Get your credit report and check your score before applying for a mortgage.

Buying New vs. Buying Used

There are advantages to both buying a new home and moving into one that has had previous occupants, but a closer look might make the decision a bit easier. You’ll find that the costs of updating and maintaining a used home can easily be more than the price of a new, energy efficient Centex home with a flexible and functional design that you and your family love. 

Buying New vs Buying Used

Buying vs. Renting

Did you know that you could own your own home for about as much as you’re paying in rent? You’d also be able to take advantage of tax benefits that are unavailable to renters. Ownership means you can finally do things your way. Paint walls any color you wish and hang pictures and shelves when you’re ready. If you’re leaving an apartment, you are likely to move into a lot more storage space and a yard to call your own where pets are welcome. Home ownership allows you to put down roots in a community with room for you and your family to grow.

comparing differences between new vs renting
Buying New vs Buying a Foreclosure

Buying New vs. Buying a Foreclosure

Get busy living or get busy fixing. New construction homes don’t require costly kitchen and bathroom upgrades or other repairs like many foreclosures do. You make the choices. Everything is brand new and just for you.

With the latest in construction technology and energy-efficient appliances, your new Centex home can be up to 30 percent more energy efficient than most existing homes. That will save you money all year ’round.

In addition to getting a well built, newly designed home, you’ll have one with lasting value – all backed by our 5-year leak protection and 10-year structural warranties so you can rest easy.