Seasonal Home Maintenance Checklist

This checklist covers basic, necessary maintenance items for most homes. For full details, please consult all guides, as well as the specific warranties and manuals for your home’s various appliances.

Download Checklist PDF or refer to a season below.

  • Test and clean/dust smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Test GFCI/GFI receptacle/breaker and outlets
  • Replace/clean heating, ventilation, air conditioning filters
  • Check grout/caulking in tile and marble in wet (showers,sinks, etc.); repair as needed
  • Check range hood charcoal filter; replace/clean as necessary; repair as needed
  • Check caulk seals between countertops and walls and on any laminated surfaces; repair as needed
  • Check and adjust as needed thresholds, door sweeps, and weatherstripping on exterior doors to maintain air tightness
  • Oil all moving parts and tighten nuts and bolts on garage doors and tracks; check garage door openers and sensors
  • Check dryer vent exhaust for lint blockage; clean as needed
Spring & Fall Maintenance
On or around the first day of April and October
  • Clean gutters, downspouts, and roof eaves to remove leaves and debris
  • Check connection between dryer and vent exhaust; repair as needed
  • Check washing machine hoses and connections for cracks and leaks; repair or replace as necessary per manufacturer
  • Have an HVAC professional inspect and calibrate your heating and cooling system (start of heating and cooling season)
  • Vacuum/clean window and sliding door tracks; lubricate with silicone spray
  • Assess all exterior paint and caulk; check exterior caulk seals around windows, doors, etc.; repair as needed
  • Drain and flush out hot water heater and verify that pressure relief valve is working (carefully follow manufacturer’s instructions)
  • Inspect and maintain the flow of all swales, and culvert and drainage inlets and outlets
  • Verify no standing water in crawl spaces, all insulation is intact, and heating/cooling supply lines are secure
  • Before the first freeze, disconnect exterior hoses and devices from hose bibs; if possible, shut off water to bib and drain
  • Inspect foundation as directed by Centex Customer Care Team
  • Verify sprinkler system is functioning properly and adjust/repair as needed
  • Flush out the sprinkler system in spring; prior to winter, flush out and drain the sprinkler system
Summer Maintenance
On or around the first day of July
  • Verify HVAC condensate drain is flowing freely while air conditioning is running
  • Verify the float switch or overflow pan on a second-floor air handling unit is clear of obstructions and functioning properly
  • Verify main water cutoff valve is accessible and functioning properly
  • Have professional chimney sweep inspect and clean fireplace flue/chimney
  • Check caulk around fireplace facing and repair as needed
  • Apply water-seal treatment to all outdoor exposed wood (power-washing wood first may be necessary)
  • Inspect roof for loose or missing shingles or flashing
  • Clear/clean weep holes in brick siding
  • Service septic system
Winter Maintenance
On or around the first day of January
  • Remove ice buildup, snow, or any debris from roof when needed to prevent leaking
  • During extreme cold, leave indoor faucets located on exterior walls dripping to prevent pipe freezing