Account FAQs

Find answers to commonly asked questions about Owner's Entry.

Unregistered or Trying to Register?

Having problems registering?

If you are entering your Agreement ID number, the last name you use to register must appear exactly as it does for the Primary Buyer on the Purchase Agreement. For example, if the Purchase Agreement name reads Joe Smith Trust – you need to register with Trust as the last name.

If you have any further issues registering, feel free to contact our Owner's Entry Support Team at:

I closed on my home 3 years ago – can I still register?

Yes. If your Agreement ID number starts with "HB" you can register.

Yes. If your Agreement ID number does not start with "HB" you can register without an Agreement ID number. You will be prompted to identify a state and community during the registration process.

My community doesn't appear in the dropdown.

There are two possibilities for this to occur:
1. Please verify that the state you entered in the address represents the location of your new home
2. Your community is no longer considered active in our system. You can still register and take advantage of the benefits of owner’s entry.

Signing In

My username and password are not working.

Remember, the username and password you entered are case-sensitive. Please verify and try again.

If you have any further issues signing in, feel free to contact our Owner's Entry Support Team at:

Service Requests

Do I need to set up an account to submit a service request?

No, an account isn't needed to submit a service request. Click on the link that says "Service Requests" to get started.

I'd like to attach pictures regarding my service request. What file format should the pictures be?

Please send up to 3 images in .jpg format, no larger than 2mb each.